Residential and Commercial Septic Tank Pumping

Large and Small Tank Capacity Trucks Available. See Septic and Sewer Care Page for More Info.

Septic Inspections for Real Estate Transactions

A septic inspection involves checking what the tank is made of, checking for damaged or missing baffles, visible cracks, the operating wastewater tank level, and a visual check of the leach field area for wastewater on ground surface. Also involved in a septic inspection is checking the plumbing in the basement to ensure all wastewater is draining to the septic tank, as well as verifying the sump pump is not a pump station. The sump pump should not discharge groundwater into the septic tank and wastewater should not discharge into the sump pump.

After the septic inspection is complete, a report will be provided for the property transfer.

Power-Snaking for Plugged Sewer, Storm, Septic or Grease Lines

A power snake is a cable, which rotates sharp blades cutting roots and debris in its path to clear plugged lines. If you have sinks that are not draining or toilets that are not flushing down, you may have a plugged line.

The power snake will clear the line between the house and septic tank, or the septic tank to the leach field. A power snake can also be used to clear plugged sewer lines from house to street.

Hydro-Flushing (High Pressure Water Jetting)

Large Storm or Sewer Lines

Flush Dirt or Debris from Parking Lot Catch Basins

Septic Tank Installation

Chamberlain Septic and Sewer is the team to trust when it comes to the complete installation of new septic system. Whether at a newly constructed home or existing home, our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to work on any size project. If you're experiencing a foul odor coming from your system, call us immediately as it could be a sign that you need servicing. Our team will complete an in-depth inspection of your tank to determine what steps should be taken. If we find that you should have a new system installed, we will make sure it is done up to code in no time!

Septic Pumping

It is important to properly maintain your septic tank to ensure that it lasts for years and years. Just like your car, your septic tank needs routine pumping to continue to work efficiently. We recommend having your tank pumped every two years to keep it working at an optimal level. Avoid flushing baby wipes or feminine hygiene products, and avoid excessive use of your garbage disposal.

When we come to complete a septic pumping, we will backflush your tank as needed to break-up any solids, then a visual inspection will be completed so we can discuss any potential problems we might have found.

Septic Line Cleaning

Over time solids and grease can build up on the walls of your sewer lines. Chamberlain Septic and Sewer offers line cleaning where our team will use high velocity jetters to pressure wash the inside of your drain pipes. With a thorough cleaning you will lower the risk of having back-up problems down the road. Call us at 585-265-0277 to learn more!

Excavating Services

  • Sewer
  • Waterlines
  • Basement Foundations
  • Driveways
  • Trucking
  • Demolition and Debris Removal
  • Digging of Ponds
  • Septic Systems
  • Grading of land
  • Drainage Including Curtain, French and Swale Drains
  • Site Work
  • Backhoe, Dozer and Shovel

Available Equipment: Backhoes, Bulldozers, Dump Trucks, Shovels, Loaders, Roller

Restaurant Grease Traps

  • Installation
  • Cleaning

Holding Tanks for Wastewater

  • Installation
  • Cleaning

Large Quantity Wastewater Hauling

Sludge from one Treatment Plant to a Second Treatment Plant

If there are any services you would like to know more about or do not see above, please contact us.

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